BECT (Bureau Egyptien de Conseils Techniques) is a group of professional Architects and Engineers with a wide experience in the field of architecture, Urban design, landscaping, concrete and steel structures, In addition to related consulting services such as project management, geotechnical analysis and design, electromechanical studies and construction supervision.

BECT was established in Cairo in (1989) as an engineering consulting firm with special attention to architectural and structureal fields. The legal status of BECT is a limited partenership society founded by two partners; Dr. Arch. Omar EL HOSSEINY & Dr. Eng. Ossama EL HOSSEINY, in addition to GEN. ENG. M.E. ABD EL SALAM who is actually BECT’s chairman

From 1989 till now, BECT has elaborated over 80 project in the domain of high-tech bldg., health complexes, industrial installations, touristic complex and finally airports. The studies of many projects were not limited only to Architectural, Urban design and Structural aspects but also to other technical branches involved in the engineering studies such as: Power & Lighting networks, Plumbing & HVAC, Fire protection, Landscaping, and urban design in some specific projects.

On the other hand, BECT has been acting for several years as a BANK Engineering Consultant. In this respect BECT has elaborated over hnadreds of studies including:
- Feasibility studies for all Kinds of projects.
- Estate evaluation (Lands – Buildings – Networks – Finishings - ...)
- Fame & monetary evaluation (for all kind of firms & Companies).
- Financial analysis.


BECT scope of work as an engineering consulting firm could be Described in priorities as follow:

[1] Basic and detailed engineering (up to executional details) for architectural and civil/structural projects.

[2] Preparation of contract tender package.

[3] Architectural and Urban design concepts.

[4] Preparation of project architectural and civil/structural specifications.

[5] Electromechanical studies & tender documents.

[6] Construction supervision and project management.

[7] Construction related services:
Geotechnical studies / Field monitoring and testing / Quality control / Quality assurance.

[8] Preparation / review feasibility studies and acting estate evaluation for civil / structural and architectural projects.


Our goals in BECT could be summerized in the following main points:

* To provide the best service we can in time, with a cost manner controlling under superior quality control.

* To respect, listen, understand our clients and offer them our knowledge, experience and sincere advise.

* To improve ourselves, our procedures, capabilities and quality of services.

* To expand in the existing and new fields.

* To engineer for a better tomorrow for our communities, people and ourselves in the fields of our expertise.

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